Moving Cooler

Moving Cooler

Surface Transportation and Climate Change

Cambridge Systematics


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Based on recent research, this timely study analyzes projects and policies that might reduce greenhouse gas emissions and lessen the impact of automobiles on the environment. More than 20 transportation policy scenarios are studied, including the cost of parking, freeways, and fuel taxes; the deregulation of land-use policies; investment in public transportation, ride-sharing, and high-occupancy vehicle lanes; accommodation for bicycles; workplace and commuter choices; intelligent transportation systems; and new policies for heavy-duty vehicles.


Cambridge Systematics:
Cambridge Systematics is a consulting firm specializing in transportation issues and investment, dedicated to ensuring that transportation investments deliver the best possible results. the firm is a recognized leader int he development and implementation of innovative policy and planning solutions, objective analysis, and technology applications. working to build capacity and to understand and address both sides of the climate change challenge, Cambridge Systematics works on strategies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and to prepare for the potential effects of climate change on transportation systems.