Explorers of the Black Box

Explorers of the Black Box

The Search for the Cellular Basis of Memory

Susan Allport


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Explorers of the Black Box is a scientific adventure story. The “Black Box” is the brain. The “Explorers” are neuroscientists in search of how nerve cells record memories, and they are as ruthless and dauntless as any soldiers of fortune. The book centers around the early, often-controversial research Nobel Prize–winner Eric Kandel. It takes readers behind the scenes of laboratories at Woods Hole, Columbia, Yale, and Princeton to create an absorbing account of how the brain works and of how science itself works.


Susan Allport:
Susan Allport is an award-winning author specializing in food, natural history, and travel. Her books include A Natural History of Parenting, The Primal Feast, Sermons in Stone, and Explorers of the Black Box. Allport also contributes essays and articles to the New York Times, Gastronomica, and The Hartford Courant, and she lectures at the American Museum of Natural History and numerous other locations.