How Bizarre

How Bizarre

Pauly Fuemana and the Song That Stormed the World

Simon Grigg


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A single song catapulted 26-year-old Pauly Fuemana from the mean streets of South Auckland to global fame, and more money than he'd ever dreamt of. But behind OMC's huge international hit "How Bizarre" and its singer lurked a darker story, fully told here for the first time. Throughout most of the soaring highs and shocking lows, Simon Grigg was at Fuemana's side as owner of his record label and his friend, adviser and sometime travelling companion. In this gripping biography he unmasks what happens when a precarious talent smacks up against a music industry rife with ambition, ruthlessness and greed.


Simon Grigg:
Simon Grigg is a music industry professional and writer. His career has included artist management, music publishing, label ownership, clubs and radio appearances. 'How Bizarre' and subsequent singles and albums by Pauly Fuemana were released on his Huh! label.