Advances In Geosciences (A 4-volume Set) - Volume 30: Planetary Science (Ps) And Solar & Terrestrial Science (St)

Advances In Geosciences (A 4-volume Set) - Volume 30: Planetary Science (Ps) And Solar & Terrestrial Science (St)

Volume 30: Planetary Science (PS) and Solar & Terrestrial Science (ST)

Anil Bhardwaj, Andrew Yau


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This invaluable volume set of Advances in Geosciences continues the excellent tradition of the Asia-Oceania scientific community in providing the most up-to-date research results on a wide range of geosciences and environmental science. The information is vital to the understanding of the effects of climate change and extreme weather on the most populated regions and fastest moving economies in the world. Besides, these volumes also highlight original papers from many prestigious research institutions which are conducting cutting edge studies in atmospheric physics, hydrogical science and water resource, ocean science and coastal study, planetary exploration and solar system science, seismology, tsunamis, upper atmospheric physics and space science.Contents:

  • Asymmetric Cratering on the Moon: Numerical Result From a New NEA Flux Model (Takashi Ito)
  • Diffuse Interstellar PAH Emission in the LMC Observed with the AKARI/IRC (H Umehata, I Sakon, T Onaka and D Kato)
  • Formation of an Extended Halo of Hot Oxygen Atoms in the Wake Region of Venus (Ying Liao and Wing Huen Ip)
  • Interaction of Solar Wind with Moon: An Overview on the Results from the SARA Experiment Aboard Chandrayaan-1 (Anil Bhardwaj, M B Dhanya, R Sridharan, Stas Barabash, Futaana Yoshifumi, Martin Wieser, Mats Holmström, Charles Lue, Peter Wurz, Audrey Schaufelberger and Kazushi Asamura)
  • Plasma Transport Processes in the Topside Martian Ionosphere (Tariq Majeed, Stephen W Bougher and S A Haider)
  • The 3D Analysis of the Heliosphere Using Interplanetary Scintillation and Thomson-Scattering Observations (B V Jackson)
  • Forecasting Transient Heliospheric Solar Wind Parameters at the Locations of the Inner Planets (B V Jackson, P P Hick, A Buffington, J M Clover and M Tokumaru)
  • Recent Progress of Solar Weather Forecasting at NAOC (Han He, Huaning Wang, Zhanle Du, Liyun Zhang, Xin Huang, Yan Yan, Yuliang Fan, Xiaoshuai Zhu, Xiaobo Guo and Xinghua Dai)
  • A New Approach for Identifying Ionospheric Gradients in the Context of GAGAN System (Ravi Chandra Kudala)

Readership: Atmospheric scientists, meteorologists, climatologists, atmospheric chemists and physical oceanographers, astronomers, planetary scientists, geophysicists, and geologists.