Biology And Pathogenesis Of Rhabdo- And Filoviruses

Biology And Pathogenesis Of Rhabdo- And Filoviruses

Asit K Pattnaik, Michael A Whitt


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Rhabdoviruses and Filoviruses are single-stranded, non-segmented, negative-strand RNA viruses, many of which cause significant morbidity and mortality in humans and animals. Certain members of these virus families have been used as excellent model systems to understand the molecular biology of replication, host responses to infections, and viral countermeasures. Rhabdoviruses have also been used as vaccine vectors as well as oncolytic agents.

Studies on Filoviruses have now provided significant insights into how they enter susceptible cells, replicate and cause disease, and also how they evade the host's immune mechanisms. This book addresses the most recent findings on Rhabdovirus and Filovirus structure, replication mechanisms, host cell responses to virus infections and viral countermeasures. Chapters on emerging viruses as well as approaches for therapeutic interventions have also been included.

This book represents an authoritative text that brings together the most recent advances on the cellular and molecular biology of Rhabdo- and Filoviruses, including mechanisms of pathogenesis.

  • Overview of Rhabdo– and Filoviruses (Asit K Pattnaik and Michael A Whitt)
  • Rhabdovirus Structure (Ming Luo)
  • The Pathway of VSV Entry into Cells (Shem Johnson and Jean Gruenberg)
  • Rhabdovirus Glycoproteins (Yves Gaudin and Michael A Whitt)
  • VSV RNA Transcription and Replication (Jacques Perrault)
  • Host Cell Functions in Vesicular Stomatitis Virus Replication (Phat X Dinh, Anshuman Das, and Asit K Pattnaik)
  • Cytopathogenesis of Rhabdoviruses (Douglas S Lyles)
  • Assembly and Budding of Rhabdo– and Filoviruses (Ziying Han and Ronald N Harty)
  • Rhabdoviruses as Vaccine Vectors: From Initial Development to Clinical Trials (John K Rose and David K Clarke)
  • Oncolytic Rhabdoviruses (Nicole E Forbes and John C Bell)
  • Use of Rhabdoviruses to Study Neural Circuitry (Melanie Ginger, Guillaume Bony, Matthias Haberl, and Andreas Frick)
  • Evolution of Rhabdo– and Filoviruses (Isabel S Novella, John B Presloid, and R Travis Taylor)
  • Emerging Rhabdoviruses (Imke Steffen and Graham Simmons)
  • Rabies Virus Replication and Pathogenesis (Andrew W Hudacek and Matthias J Schnell)
  • Activation and Evasion of Innate Immune Response by Rhabdoviruses (Karl-Klaus Conzelmann)
  • Rabies Virus Vaccines (Ying Huang, Clement W Gnanadurai, and Zhen F Fu)
  • Filovirus Structure and Morphogenesis (Timothy F Booth, Daniel R Beniac, Melissa J Rabb, and Lindsey L Lamboo)
  • Epidemiology and Pathogenesis of Filovirus Infections (Logan Banadyga and Hideki Ebihara)
  • Filovirus Entry into Susceptible Cells (Rohit K Jangra, Eva Mittler, and Kartik Chandran)
  • Filovirus Transcription & Replication (Kristina Brauburger, Laure R Deflubé, and Elke Muhlberger)
  • Innate Immune Evasion Mechanisms of Filoviruses (Christopher F Basler, Gaya K Amarasinghe, and Daisy W Leung)
  • Vaccines and Antivirals for Filoviruses (Chad E Mire and Thomas W Geisbe)

Readership: Investigators, graduate students, and post-graduate researchers in the field of RNA virology.
Key Features:
  • The book describes the most recent advances in our understanding of cellular and molecular aspects of replication and pathogenic mechanisms of these two important viral pathogens
  • Unlike other existing textbooks published earlier, this book brings together several major topics of research such as replication, host response to viral replication and viral countermeasures, viral evolution and emerging viruses, viral vectors, vaccines and antivirals, etc
  • The chapters in the book are written by renowned researchers in these fields