Human Adenoviruses: From Villains To Vectors

Human Adenoviruses: From Villains To Vectors

From Villains to Vectors

Jane Flint, Glen R Nemerow


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Human adenoviruses play a central role in human diseases and as vectors for vaccines and gene delivery. This monograph describes the underlying principles of adenovirus molecular and structural biology, pathogenesis, antiviral measures and vector development. Much of the history of this virus and the many contributions made by its study are embedded in these discussions. Topics and questions that require further investigation are also considered.

Although current virology textbooks cover topics related to adenoviruses, this book provides a comprehensive description of the virus and its interactions with the host. Students and researchers with a particular interest in adenoviruses, gene therapists, and virologists interested in viral pathogenesis will benefit from this book, which presents a unique integration of the basics with applied research in the field.

AuthorJaneFlint,AuthorGlen RNemerow0Adenovirus, Viral Vectors, Oncolytic Virus, Virus-Host Interactions, Anti-Virals
  • The only up-to-date book devoted strictly to adenoviruses
  • Covers a wide diversity of basic and applied topics relating to adenoviruses