Escaping Oz

Escaping Oz

Jim Mosquera


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After what seemed like a bad dream, the country woke up to find themselves in the Financial Land of Oz. The housing market cratered, stocks fell, and once venerable financial institutions were on life support. The economy struggled. The Wizards stepped in with their own rescue. The economy recovered, but not for everyone. The social fabric tore in Ferguson and Baltimore. The 2016 presidential election split the country even more. The economy and our social fabric can recover, though our journey will require us to take a road we have traveled before but one we long ago forgot. Reliance on the Wizards will only make our country’s journey more painful. Ultimately, we have to trust ourselves. Once we pull back the curtain, we will realize we can get back home without the Wizard’s help. This book will give you the understanding and the blueprint for shaping your financial future and that of your community.