Wired for Success

Wired for Success

Using NLP* to Activate Your Brain for Maximum Achievement

Wendy Jago


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Can your brain help you become more successful? YES!

In Wired for Success, Wendy Jago introduces the reader to NLP—Neuro-Linguistic Programming—a therapeutic technique used to recognize and reprogram unconscious patterns of thought and behavior in order to modify psychological responses, and thereby alter your subconscious processes to work for you, instead of against you. Broken into two engaging sections, this book first teaches you how your mind can shape various experiences, and then offers steps to help you approach numerous real-life issues in new ways. Among the topics covered:

• Prioritizing effectively

• Negotiating

• Beating stress

• Utilizing teamwork

• Spotting opportunities

• Making decisions

These simple techniques will increase your mental fitness and grant you the ability to succeed in times of change, challenge, and opportunity, so that you don't just survive— you thrive!


Wendy Jago:
Wendy Jago trained as a psychotherapist in the early 1980s. She became interested in NLP when her course tutor suggested she read two books by John Grinder and Richard Bandler: Trance-formationsand Frogs into Princes. She soon began using NLP with her clients and in her training of other therapists. Jago qualified as an NLP practitioner, master practitioner, and finally as a coach, and is now working with private individuals, groups, international corporations, and public-sector organizations. She has cowritten five books about NLP.