Unnatural Harvest

Unnatural Harvest

How Genetic Engineering is Altering Our Food

Ingeborg Boyens


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Advertisers may want us to believe that our food is produced on picturesque farms, but the cold reality is that the plants and animals we consume may be the result of genetic engineering in the laboratories of multinational corporations.

Biotechnology brings with it implications for human and animal health, the threat of environmental damage, a possible redefining of our global food system and a Pandora's box of ethical questions. But the consuming public remains virtually unaware of the genetic alterations of their food and what that may hold in store.

Thoroughly researched and accessibly written, Unnatural Harvest holds nothing back in telling us how the food we now serve ourselves and our children may be altered and why we should be very concerned.


Ingeborg Boyens:
Ingeborg Boyens has worked for newspapers and magazines across the country, and currently produces documentaries on food and agricultural issues for CBC Television. She lives in Winnipeg.