The Faith of a Seeker

The Faith of a Seeker

Integrating Science and Scholarship with Christian Experience

Robert H. Morris


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In The Faith of a Seeker, the author draws upon his lifelong search for truth and understanding, trying to face squarely the difficult issues of faith and science and those raised by biblical criticism. After an introductory essay on seeking and the seeker, he turns to recent ideas and findings in cosmology and how they relate to biblical faith. He then devotes three full chapters to biological evolution and to the relation of humans to apes, taking the best books available on both sides of the issue and setting their arguments side by side. After finding what he feels is sufficient evidence for the biblical God, he then makes his own arguments for the being and nature of God, followed by a lengthy chapter on Jesus and a short one on the Holy Spirit, then a study of the Bible itself. The final chapters are: “The Supernatural”; “Our Human Condition”; “A Seeker’s Life of Faith”; “Concluding Remarks.”


Robert H. Morris:

Robert Hunt Morris, II, a lifelong spiritual seeker, encountered Jesus at age nine. He left orthodox Christianity in his 20s, but never lost his love of Jesus. He was an active Quaker for 15 years, explored Eastern religions, and enjoys woodworking, writing, and editing. He married Jeanne Elizabeth Sokol, to whom three children were born. They lived from New York City to Oklahoma, and finally Tennessee in 1996. Today he is active in an evangelical United Methodist church