Piggy, a Different Mum: a Fun Bedtime Story (For 3-7 Year Old Children)

Piggy, a Different Mum: a Fun Bedtime Story (For 3-7 Year Old Children)

A.P. Hernández, Javier García Frutos


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Piggy woke up with an egg next to her. The egg came out of nowhere and Piggy needs to solve the mystery. Who does it belong to? How did it get there? Is anyone looking for it?
Piggy wants to be a mum with all her heart and wants to keep it until it hatches. She wants to give it love and look after it. But her donkey-friend, John, convinces her to search for its mother beforehand.
So Piggy and her faithful friend start a journey through the farm with  the aim of solving the mysteries around the egg.
This story deals with values such as responsibility, commitment, honesty, generosity and love in a fun and didactic way.
A useful tool to teach these values for parents and guardians, primary school teachers, educators and psychologists.  


A.P. Hernández:
Antonio Pérez Hernández (Murcia, 1989) is a Primary School Teacher, an educator and a Doctor cum laude for his thesis on An evaluation of the competence in the linguistic communication through stories in Primary Education.
He obtained an Accésit award at the Premio de Creación Literaria Nemira and was one of the finalists at the Certamen Internacional de Novela Fantástica y de Terror Dagón. So far, he has published seven books which have been translated to English, Dutch and Italian.
He currently works as a teacher as well as a writer.
Twitter: @ap_hernandez_
Instagram: @ap_hernandez_