The Financial Security Bible

The Financial Security Bible

How to Build Wealth and Be Happy

Mike Summey


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Take a journey through life with Mike Summey and you'll never view money and finances the same way again. You'll learn what financial independence really is and how to overcome the problems and obstacles that keep most people from ever achieving it. In the Financial Security Bible, Mike chronicles his journey from the poverty stricken coal fields of southern West Virginia, to wealth and financial independence. He does this by using parables and stories that teach you how to extract life lessons from personal experiences and how to put these lessons to work to build wealth and be happy. The first sentence explains Mike's feelings about sharing his knowledge. This book could easily be the best investment you will ever make. Mike Summey is an entrepreneur in the truest sense of the word. He is a successful author, speaker, business owner, and investor who lives on a beautiful private gated estate, flies his own propjet and has all the trappings of wealth, but it's not because of his high paying job, it's because of the income stream he has accumulated from his investments. Rarely does someone with his real world experience have the ability or desire to share what they have learned in the process of earning a PhD from the University of Hard Knocks.