String Fields, Higher Spins and Number Theory

String Fields, Higher Spins and Number Theory

Dimitri Polyakov


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The book aims to analyze and explore deep and profound relations between string field theory, higher spin gauge theories and holography — the disciplines that have been on the cutting edge of theoretical high energy physics and other fields. These intriguing relations and connections involve some profound ideas in number theory, which appear to be part of a unifying language to describe these connections.

  • Introduction: Massive Higher-Spin Modes in String Dynamics and Tensionless Limit
  • Geometry of Superconformal Moduli in Superstring Theory
  • Higher Spin Dynamics in a Larger String Theory
  • Interactions of Higher Spin Fields in Larger String Theory
  • Bosonic Strings, Background Independence and Analytic Solutions
  • Higher Spins as Rolling Tachyons in Open String Field Theory
  • An Analytic Formula for Numbers of Restricted Partitions from Conformal Field Theory

Readership: Graduate students and researchers working on string theory and related topics.
Key Features:
  • All the subjects mentioned have been hot topics in physics over recent years
  • This book explores profound interrelations between these topics that are untouched in current literature
  • Novel formalisms in the field are described, explained and used in the book