Staying in the Thriver Zone

Staying in the Thriver Zone

A Road Map to Manifest a Life of Power and Purpose

Susan M. Omilian, JD


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This guide, the second book in the 3-book Thriver Zone series offers a road map for the journey to the real you to assist victims of abuse on their journey from victim to survivor to thriver. With deliberate intention readers can now …

• Get positive energy and emotion.

• Focus your desires.

• Overcome your fears and limiting beliefs about yourself.

• Find the Real YOU, a part of you untouched by all that has happened.

Stay in the Thriver Zone where infinite possibilities lie and discover your passion and authentic self.

The innovative material in this guide is valuable not only for victims of abuse but also for their families, friends, counselors, therapists, crisis center staffs, and attorneys. It is a resource for these helpers and supporters, offering a process for the journey to thriving for those caught in this web of abuse.