Spiritual Transmission

Spiritual Transmission

Paradoxes and Dilemmas on the Spiritual Path

Amir Freimann, Ken Wilber, Mariana Caplan, Peter (Hakim) Young, Stephen Fulder


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  • Most eastern religious traditions are based on the sacred bond between teacher or Guru and the student. This is one of the few books to delve deeply into the subject based on wide ranging interviews with both teachers and students.
  • The foreword by Ken Wilber, who is the foremost, widely recognized authority on the subject matter confers a stamp of legitimacy on this title for many spiritual seekers.
  • The book features interviews of several very well-known teachers including Mariana Caplan, Andrew Cohen, Barry Magid, Llewelyn Vaughn-Lee, Mooji, and Stephen Fulder.
  • The book describes the different types of spiritual teachers—from spiritual friends to Gurus—as well the different models of relationship with range from authoritarian to collaborative.