Souls in Tests

Souls in Tests

Guido Galeano Vega, Ana Vanessa Alves Torre


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At present, the world enjoys the option of mega abundance, however, at the same time many people are suffering from extreme deficiencies. Souls in tests This book deals with the experience of a young man who is forced to leave home for the first time, and for the first time to suffer all the shortcomings that this experience represents for which nobody has prepared you.
It is the story of thousands of people in the world, and the purpose of this book is to awaken in each person who reads it, compassion towards these people, whose souls are passing the hardest tests of the experience of human existence.


Guido Galeano Vega:
My full name is Guido Galeano Vega, Reserve Officer of the Marine Infantry of my country of origin, the Republic of Paraguay, born in a town called Bahia Negra. Paraguay, a country, in the heart of South America. It is the country where I was born, in an arid region, in the year 1963. Difficult times, inhospitable region, place where I spent my childhood.
I was educated in Asunción, the Capital of the Country. I lived for two years in Brazil, in the city of Sao Paulo, and I met several of the cities of this country.
The books I write are Short Stories, fictions, mixed with truths of life, and contextual truths, pretending, humbly, to leave useful teachings, basically aimed at understanding values, for children over 10 years of age, suitable for all ages .
Ideal, for a quick reading, since they consist of 24 to 50 pages, ideal for collecting them.