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Jim Laudell


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To the weary, the broken, the discouraged and the disconnected, LIFT, is the power of encouragement, the strength underneath you, to LIFT you to the next level. In the face of your dilemma, God makes “a way where there seems no way.”

A Boeing 747 maximum takeoff weight is 970,000 lbs. yet it lifts seamlessly from the tarmac into the air embarking on its incredible journey. Defying gravity, the aerodynamic thrust of air beneath its wings, defined as lift, takes the burden-laden aircraft into the skies. The mighty eagle, with its nearly 7.5 ft. wingspan, graciously rises above the earth; lift is the strength to take the fearless eagle higher.

God promises in Isaiah to those who wait upon the Lord, “They will rise up as eagles,” God is the invisible strength underneath us to LIFT us to a higher level. What you cannot do on your own, LIFT turns the wilderness into a classroom, purging into fruitfulness and prayer into a delight.

Each chapter stands alone in leading us out of discouragement and into encouragement. With questions after each chapter, the book is designed for personal devotion or for group study.


Jim Laudell:

JIM LAUDELL endeavors to mentor and influence people in their spiritual walk with Jesus Christ. He has Pastored churches in Central United States and traveled to 18 foreign countries. He has written four books, his latest, Highpoints, continues to be a bestseller. He and his wife have celebrated 41 years of marriage, with two married children and seven grandchildren.