Retire Ready

Retire Ready

A Plan Sponsor’s Guide to Financial Wellness

Terri McGray CFP® AIF®


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When you offer your employees a 401(k) plan, you can’t just say “good luck” and expect success.

Only a generation ago, employers provided pension plans that guaranteed employees a retirement income for life. Workers had to do little more than show up for work every day to earn benefits. Today, the responsibility has shifted. Workers are more responsible for their future than ever, yet they are ill prepared for the complexity of the issues that face them.

It’s no easy task to prepare for retirement while juggling today’s financial demands. American’s are worried about their retirement, and with good reason. Longevity, market risks, taxes, uncertainty with Social Security, inflation, and soaring health care costs are a real concern. The lack of retirement readiness in the United States is troublesome.

Terri McGray, CFP®, AIF® founder of Longevity Capital Management LLC, draws on thirty years of retirement expertise to help employers learn how to:

• Reduce financial stress in the workforce

• Support retirement readiness

• Inspire and motivate action

• Minimize costs and expenses

• Lessen the workload and mitigate liability

With easy-to-follow steps, Retire Ready will help you get your employees on the path towards retirement readiness.