The Coming Baby Boomer Crisis

The Coming Baby Boomer Crisis

How to Protect Yourself

David Almond CFP® MSFS


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The Coming Baby Boomer Crisis and How to Protect Yourself! Many quality books address exclusively long-term care insurance. This book is not one of them. Although creative long-term care insurance options are covered, the content focuses on how to protect retirees from their two main concerns which are running out of money and the high cost of healthcare. There is a 70% chance we will need long-term care sometime in our life which is the number one reason people go broke in retirement. The Coming Baby Boomer Crisis helps put you in control by sharing the secrets few people know, such as: How to protect yourself against running out of money when faced with the high cost of healthcare even if you don’t own traditional long-term care insurance. When there is Still Time to Plan Ahead When there is still time, it is essential to have a long-term care pre-planning line of attack which is critical as we age. This book will provide you with creative financial strategies you can use to protect your life savings and stay financially independent. When Your Family is in a Long-Term Care Crisis The good news is, as of now, you can protect your assets even if you or a loved one is currently in a care facility and does not have long-term care insurance. There is much misinformation out there, for example, a person has to spend down to $2,000 before they will receive help from the state and the federal government. NOT TRUE. The Coming Baby Boomer Crisis and How to Protect Yourself will reveal ways you can receive benefits and still keep all or much of your savings while maintaining your dignity and financial independence.