How to Kill an Elephant

How to Kill an Elephant

Eighteen Months to Save the Planet

Robert Pins


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Global warming will either grab your interest or see you running in the opposite direction. But there is another way. It is a truth that is never realized, a truth that cannot surface once buried in the media and in politicians’ singlespeak, and a truth that is tantalizingly beyond your reach. How to Kill an Elephant exposes this truth for all to see, yet this is not a book about global warming; it is a book about human nature exposed for all its inadequacies. It starts with elephants, inexorably being driven to extinction by elephants of our own creation. Where does it finish? That’s for you to decide. Fancy a cane toad sandwich washed down with a cup of tea? Have you ever seen stalactites playing chess? You can expect a deadly serious read with a soupçon of levity and straightforward humour, because life really is too short not to indulge a little.