Cry, Heart, But Never Break

Cry, Heart, But Never Break

Glenn Ringtved, Charlotte Pardi, Robert Moulthrop


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  • We continue to be told that there just aren't enough books available for children on loss and grief. This book offers a story that is about not only the death of a beloved old person, but also the duality of life itself, composed as it is of light and dark. Indeed, the story is just as much about the coexistence of these two things as about loss. Accessible, gently frank and philosophic, this book should have strong appeal in the school and library market as well as among all professionals who work with children, along with their caregivers.

  • A strong, lovely text makes this book a standout.

  • A large need exists for books like this.

  • Very well conceived in regard to the audience -- the children -- it is meant to reach.

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