Eat the Berries

Eat the Berries

Weight Loss for Busy Moms

Jamie Hernandez, LindaJoy Rose


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This practical weight loss guide for busy moms is full of easy-to-follow tips and advice on finding diet and exercise habits that work for your life!
Are you still carrying those extra ten, twenty, or even one hundred–plus pounds of baby weight? Are you too busy being a mom to figure out how to lose them? Certified holistic health and life coach Jamie Hernandez helps moms just like you lose the weight and feel great. Her book, Eat the Berries, will teach you how to make small, realistic lifestyle changes that fit into your schedule so you can have lasting results!
In Eat the Berries, you will learn to:

  • Create an eating plan that works for you and your lifestyle as a mom
  • Find exercise that is fun and that you will really want to do
  • Reach your goal weight and stay there
  • Learn healthy habits and make them stick
  • Be who you are meant to be 
Eat the Berries will not only teach you how to use food and exercise to achieve your weight loss goals, but how to get your mind to work for you in the process. Are you ready to try something new, and get new results? Let’s do this!