The Sparkle of His Eye the

The Sparkle of His Eye the

Discovering Beauty in the Broken

Stefani Weatherford


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I couldn’t wait until I had a sparkly diamond on my hand one day, signifying that I was loved and chosen. But once I no longer had the sparkle on my finger, I had to find it within. This book is about my seven-year journey with the Lord to discover the seven key elements that helped me to shine again.

Strength--When I had nothing left, I met the ultimate source of strength that created a stability deep within.

Provision--The Lord provides for us not just financially but in more ways than we could ask or imagine.

Acceptance--The process of accepting the things I could not change so I could move on wasn’t easy, but it was worth it.

Release--Releasing forgiveness & faith so God could redeem my situation was critical in the healing process.

Keep--Keeping my eyes focused on the Lord and staying under His covering propelled me into a future of joy and hope.

Loved--Allowing God’s love to penetrate my broken places and believe what He says about me restored my soul.

Enough--Believing that Jesus says I am enough ever when dating makes me feel otherwise is often a daily surrender.


Stefani Weatherford:

Stefani Weatherford is a single mom with a full-time career who tries to live life to the fullest and encourage others to do the same. She hopes that she can inspire those struggling through life’s hardships to find a new perspective and contentment even in the middle of the storm.