Walking With God Through Painful Circumstances

Walking With God Through Painful Circumstances

Aliyzah Graceson


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Sometimes the path of our life is disrupted, and we don't understand what happened. It may be the result of our own action, or it may be the result of someone else’s choices. Regardless of how, or why it occurred, GOD is able to step into our pain, confusion, or dark situation and move us to the NEXT in our lives – places we would have never moved to because we had no idea they existed, or because we were too comfortable, or because we were too fearful to get up and take a chance. I call them DIVINE DISRUPTIONS. When the enemy thinks he's in control, or thinks he's backed us into a corner, YET GOD steps in to deliver us to something much better than we experienced before. Divine disruptions. I've had many, but some have been much more significant than others. They are so powerful and awesome because ONLY GOD can get the glory for them. Nobody else can!

One day, I woke up to what I thought was another normal day, not realizing that by the end of it, my marriage would be shattered, and that I'd find myself in a very dark place. I was in the midst of a storm that suddenly swept me off my feet and carried me down a path I wasn’t prepared for - the path of divorce. Over the course of a little over a year, I traveled through extremely tough terrain that tested my strength and my faith. Thankfully, the enemy’s attempts to destroy me were divinely disrupted by God, and God in great mercy, picked up the pieces and used them mightily. While walking with Him, I learned many lessons about myself and others, and I met people and went places that would have never been part of my journey had it not been disrupted.

I came to realize that my life was interwoven with these divine disruptions and God interventions, enabling me to be a partaker of His amazing grace in the midst of my troubles. I refer to the aftermath of them as portraits of grace. God’s word is filled with these portraits in the lives of everyday people like you and me. They’re visible in the aftermath of real-life ups and downs, and challenges and conflicts as they walked through them with God. Real people experiencing God’s real grace and God at work in them, and in us, both to will and to do of His good pleasure.

So, join me on a journey that includes a window into a very difficult period of my life, and see how God graciously walked me through it. This book is about two imperfect people who made choices that caused the dissolving of their marriage, and God, in His great mercy and grace, picking up the pieces and using them mightily to bless others. It's a portrait of His redeeming power in the midst of destruction, His incredible wisdom to guide, His ability to give perception beyond what’s apparent, and His grace that is truly sufficient for any thorn that may be lodged within.

And while the backdrop of my story is betrayal and divorce, I believe the lessons I learned can be applied to your story as well. I found Him to be a Mighty Counselor and an excellent Coach, and I’m sure you will too.


Aliyzah Graceson:

Aliyzah Graceson was introduced to church at an early age and recommitted her life to Christ as a young adult. She has a passion to see lives transformed through teaching. Aliyzah’s experience with betrayal in her previous marriage became a calling to work with people who are going through divorce or separation individually and in groups. She desires to help them and their families experience freedom from pain and devastation so they are able to move forward in healthy and productive ways.