Atom Land

Atom Land

A Guided Tour Through the Strange (and Impossibly Small) World of Particle Physics

Jon Butterworth


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An award-winning physicist “explains everything particle physics from antimatter to Z bosons in this charming trek through” the subatomic landscape (Publisher Weekly).

Award-winning physicist, professor, and author of Most Wanted Particle, Jon Butterworth is passionate about sharing the fascination of subatomic physics with the general public. In Atom Land, he guides readers on a metaphorical journey through the quantum field and into an impossibly small world, setting sail from Port Electron in search of strange new terrain. Each discovery will expand the horizons of your trusty map—from the Hadron Island to the Isle of Quarks, and beyond.

A masterful work of allegory, Atom Land also gives form to the forces that shape the universe: Electromagnetism is a highway system; the strong force, a railway; the weak force, an airline. But, like Butterworth, you may find that curiosity is the strongest force of all—one that pulls you across the subatomic seas, toward the unknown realm of Antimatter, and to the very outer reaches of the cosmos.