Music and Philosophy

Music and Philosophy

Legend of a Musical City, Legacy of Chopin, Schoenberg and His School, and Shostakovich

Max Graf, Jan Holcman, René Leibowitz, Ivan Martynov


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Four classic works that explore the lives and contributions of some of the greatest minds in classical music—essential reading for any classical music fan.
In Legend of a Musical City, renowned Austrian music critic Max Graf shares his recollections of life with Anton Bruckner, Gustav Mahler, Johannes Brahms, Richard Strauss, Arnold Schoenberg, and other immortals of the music world. Bringing to life some of the most iconic figures in music as well as the city of Vienna itself, Graf recounts a charming, personal, and highly educational story of Austria’s musical legacy.
Jan Holcman’s The Legacy of Chopin is a comprehensive study of the great composer’s views on music, including pianism, composition, pedagogy, criticism, and more. Drawing on extensive research from a wide range of sources, Holcman provides essential historical and musicological context for Chopin’s references and concepts, making his more esoteric ideas accessible to the general reader.
In Schoenberg and His School, noted composer, conductor, and music theorist René Leibowitz offers an authoritative analysis of Schoenberg’s groundbreaking contributions to composition theory and Western polyphony. In addition to detailing his subject’s major works, Leibowitz also explores Schoenberg’s influence on the works of his two great disciples, Alban Berg and Anton Webern.

In Shostakovich: The Man and His Work, Ivan Martynov presents a compelling and intimate biography of this pioneering legend. Martynov draws on extensive research, including interviews and conversations with Shostakovich himself, as well as his own expertise in the field of musicology.