The Ultimate Mind-Body Fitness Guide

Ayesha Billimoria, Dhvani Solani


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As anyone who has tried it will know, running is much more than just putting on your sneakers and hitting the pavement. In Run!, track-and-field athlete, two-time national gold medallist, and athletics coach and trainer Ayesha Billimoria shares her wisdom acquired through years of rigorous training in India and abroad. She is a champion athlete not just because she has learnt to master her body but also because she has learnt to train her mind. In this book, she gives you invaluable tips on, among other things: ? regular strength training and alignment principles ? or your `prehab? routine; ? warm-ups, warm-downs and correct running techniques, with detailed instructions and photos on requisite exercises; ? the importance of picking the correct gear, from clothes to shoes; ? the nutrition you need before you set off and after you?re done running; ? breathing techniques to train your lungs, build your stamina and optimize your run; ? and, most importantly, how to train your mind to help you run better, faster and longer. Complete with practical sample workouts for beginner-, intermediate- and advanced-level runners, an FAQ section that will clear all your doubts, and first-hand accounts of people whose lives have been transformed by this activity, Run! is the one book you will need to get you going. So, run with it!