Well Women Witness Letters from Christ

Well Women Witness Letters from Christ

An Interactive Workbook---A Dialogue with Christ

Oralisa Martin


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In the course of decades, scores, and even centuries, Christians lived in personal relationship with Jesus Christ. As such, as early as the 3rd century AD, they developed a certain lifestyle known as "monasticism." Men and women through a monastic lifestyle were called by Christ (then and now) to live a cloistered life. The monks or nuns live an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. Today, the Holy Spirit moves us to experience Jesus as personal and intimate, and to "Go, therefore, and make disciples . . ." (Matthew 28:19).

Therefore, women’s experiences in getting to know Christ are not new to the human soul. Having lived public vows in a convent, the spirituality shared by

There was a prophetic message given to Sr. Dr. Oralisa Martin--Thus says the Lord: "Well Women Witness." "Tell my women to meet Me at he Well!" And so, a Well Women Witness (WWW) Retreat based on the Biblical story of the Samaritan woman at the Well (John 4: 1-30; 39-42) was created. The first of ten retreats began with ninety-three (93) women of the Basilica of St. Mart of the Immaculate Conception in Norfolk, Virginia.

One of the hallmarks of the retreat is the women’s Letters from Christ. Just before a WWW retreat Sr. Dr. Martin would hear a Word from the Lord on the letter. He wanted to write His women. Unlike other letter writing that could be several pages long from a sender, the WWW Letters from Christ is conversational letter writing. There is ongoing dialogue within the letter between Christ and the woman. Christ would bring up an issue and call his woman to talk to Him about it. Now, she can tell Him! She can write it out; she can be honest and transparent. And, she can find herself dealing with issues that she thought were over!

In addition, Jesus Christ deals with His issues with her. She can come to realize that not only is she getting to know herself, she is getting to know God. As she sojourns in the writing of the ten letters, she can also begin to realize that she is in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Christ is fashioning her into His true disciple.

With that, the woman can come away from the letter writing exercise with the overwhelming feeling, "WOW! Oh, my God! I just talked to Christ. And, He spoke back!" "He told me everything I have done . . ." (John 4: 37). She can then realize that Jesus Christ is deepening the relationship and moving her into intimacy with Him.

This knowing God, this relationship and intimacy with Christ serve as the potency for effective evangelization. Out of the relationship comes evangelization. Therefore, it is the desire of Sr. Dr. Oralisa Martin that through this workbook, Well Women Witness Letters from Christ, you too will get to know and truly love your Lord Jesus Christ. Like the Samaritan woman at the Well, you will tell somebody about this Man, Jesus, as Savior of the world.


Oralisa Martin:

Sr. Dr. Oralisa Martin is a native New Orleanian, ambassador for Jesus Christ, and African American Catholic consecrated woman since 1966. She possesses the charisma to lift the printed word of God and plant it in the heart of her listeners. She taught high school for 25 years, preached nation wide, and designed faith programs. She remains passionately committed to Christ and His Church.

Sr. Dr. Martin holds a master in religious education, a master in Theology and a Doctorate of the Ministry.