Finding Your Inner Warrior

Finding Your Inner Warrior

A Guide for the Hesitant Woman in the Wake of MeToo

Nora Fahlberg


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In her 1991 bombshell book, Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women, author and activist Susan Faludi wrote “a backlash against women’s rights” is a “recurring phenomenon” and that it usually occurs whenever women make significant advances in society. In the new millennium, the world has seen more and more women leading countries, winning Nobel Prizes, and attaining positions at all levels of government. Enter the #MeToo movement in the wake of white male bullies’ continued objectification and dehumanization of women after 2016.

Finding Your Inner Warrior is the answer to the latest backlash and assault on women. Dr. Nora Fahlberg is not offering the passive, neutralizing advice of our mothers and grandmothers. She offers strategic defense strategies for even the most reticent woman, giving them the power to channel their own Boudicas in the face of the latest onslaught. Finding Your Inner Warrior is a handbook for managing the next drunken frat boy, the wolf at the backyard barbecue or the ogre at the office.


Nora Fahlberg:

Originally in healthcare, her career was cut short due to distracted drivers. So, she took her skills into the film industry part time, and her B.S. in Human Biology into teaching western sciences in adult education.

When she’s not channeling her “inner warrior” she’s reading or spoiling her Labradoodle and husband.

This is her first book.