Foraging Southern California

Foraging Southern California

118 Nutritious, Tasty, and Abundant Foods

Douglas Kent


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  • Foraging is on the rise; this is a perfect introduction to it
  • Not intimidating—easy-to-use information for beginner and intermediate foragers
  • Focuses on the most accessible, tasty, and easy-to-find options found across Southern California
  • Prioritizes the foraging of non-native plants and animals, which can support—if not improve—biological diversity and ecological well-being
  • Presents various written and visual keys to identification, helping to ensure positive species identification
  • Compare section highlights dangerous species that resemble a recommended plant, helping foragers to avoid poisonous or toxic species
  • Organized by harvestable qualities, making it convenient to whip up a meal with minimal research
  • Includes species found along the seashore, such as kelp and dune plants, and freshwater aquatic species, like miner’s lettuce
  • Highlights sources of protein, such as crawfish and snails
  • A great companion piece to any cookbook collection
  • Written by expert forager Douglas Kent
  • Extreme value: massive information for under $20