Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice

A Path to Recovery for Survivors of Abuse

Mannette Morgan


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  • Teaching hope and healing for the 42 million victims of abuse.
  • Through 3 decades of work, the author shares a proven 5-part system of recovery, perfected working with thousands of women. 
  • Using the science of habits, riveting stories and down-home advice, Mannette Morgan will explain the power of changing negative self-beliefs and replacing them with a tool to help abused women become their best self.

In a short 6-weeks, women will discover their power to:

  • Retain their confidence  
  • Learn the definition of a healthy relationship  
  • Beat fear, the #1 reason that keeps most women in an abusive relationship  
  • Stop worrying and replace it with happiness and joy  
  • Finding Your Voice removes the emotional/societal blinders and helps women recognize their situation, then follow a step-by-step system for recovery. 

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