How to Start a Restaurant Business from Scratch

How to Start a Restaurant Business from Scratch

A Manual for the Prospective Restaurateur from Onset to Opening

Gale H. Pike


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To produce and sell a simple hamburger requires the purchase of 11 different products and 13 separate functions to complete the project. Think about it. You purchase some raw meat, cook the meat until done, toast bread product, add produce; lettuce, sliced tomatoes, onions, pickles, put on condiments, salt, pepper, mayo, mustard, and ketchup. Put all of these various parts into this one product, deliver the product to a consumer on your premises and receive immediate compensation; “one hamburger, five dollars, please.” That in a nutshell is the food industry, unique. Being a unique business it requires a unique individual to become and remain successful in this business. A successful operator needs skills in purchasing, manufacturing, staff management, sales, accounting, creativity, to name a few requirements and talents an operator of a restaurant should possess. What about you? Why are you interested in being involved in the restaurant business?