Leeds, Money, and Misery Me

Leeds, Money, and Misery Me

Twenty Years of Hurt, 23 Mistakes and the Tale of Toma …

Dave Tomlinson


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For the die-hard followers of Leeds United, the last twenty years have brought far too few reasons to be cheerful. Far more prominent are the depressing lows. ‘Doing a Leeds’ is the lazy strapline that is trotted out whenever a club over-reaches itself financially and comes a cropper with the financials heading south. The lot of the United fan is not a happy one, but still they come, week in and week out, with their fervent chants of ‘Marching on Together’ and ‘Champions of Europe’, hoping that this will finally be the year, but recognising the improbability of that dream. Mistakes were made along the way, and this could have been a very different tale if a wiser course had been followed. But that would have been far, far too simple for the many-headed beast that is Leeds United Football Club! This book tells the tale of the last two decades, the hopes and dreams of one of the most committed sets of fans in Europe and the men who let them down and abused their trust. It is a story that simply must be read, whether you’re a fan of the Whites or not.