Last Night a Bidet Drenched My Wife

Last Night a Bidet Drenched My Wife

...and other misheard lyrics

@Trouteyes with Moose Allain


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'Six o'clock already I was just in the middle of a dream. I was kissing Danny DeVito by a crystal blue Italian stream.'

'I was loooking for some action and all I found were cygnets and a waterfall.'

'When I get that feeling I need saxophone cleaning.'

Funny, surreal, absurd and occasionally embarrassing, everyone has a misheard lyric moment. From simple mistakes like 'If you don't Naomi by now. You will never never Naomi', to something completely off the wall 'Specs and rugs and sausage rolls, are all my mind and body needs' - these linguistic gaffes have been the source of fun ever since the dawn of popular music.

Now everyone's favourite online goon - the one and only @trouteyes has amassed a heap of his own wonky earworms for our reading pleasure in this wonderful hashtag fire emoji humour book.