Get a Better Mammogram

Get a Better Mammogram

A Smart Woman’s Guide to a More Understandable—And More Comfortable—Mammogram Experience

Elizabeth Fitzgerald RT


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There are plenty of survival stories out there relating to breast cancer, and they are inspiring and gratefully appreciated. However, there are very few books explaining what the average woman can expect from the mammogram experience.

Having plenty of familiarity with both sides of the mammogram machine, as a patient and mammography technologist, Elizabeth Fitzgerald shares her journey and provides a play-by-play explanation of a yearly process that is highly recommended, yet often unclear. She also explains how to find a breast care facility that best caters to your needs and sheds light on 3D Mammography and ABUS Ultrasound Screening, two of the more recent tools in the growing arsenal of diagnostic mammography.

Get a Better Mammogram is a smart woman’s guide to getting a more informed, more comfortable mammogram experience. This is the mammographic equivalent of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, told with all the warmth of your favorite sister … who just happens to do mammograms for a living.