Knowing This

Knowing This

Finding Joy in the Middle of the Unknowns A 90-Day Devotional Journal

Sarah Ransom


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If you find yourself struggling to fill an empty hole in your heart and life, experiencing God will forever change your life. Our society and the culture of the world is changing almost faster than we can keep up. The things of life are continually pulling our attention in numerous directions. Our time is under constant restraint, we fight to squeeze in just the few things we enjoy amidst the busy of everyday life. We have to fight for relationships with our friends, our siblings, our parents, our spouses, our children, and even our God! Our beliefs in God are questioned and doubts of God’s existence, goodness, mercy and love are constantly being thrown our way. We are scared to step out in faith because something bad might happen. It’s easier to just stay quiet and “go along with the flow”. If you have ever found yourself wondering how faith, the Bible and God directly applies to life, you are invited to come and discover just how much God cares about YOUR life. We are created for relationship. Designed to be loved. We were made for God. Knowing This is a 90-day devotional journal that will take you on an adventure of discovering God on a more personal and intimate level. Each devotional comes from my personal quiet time that I have spent with my Heavenly Father. There are some real and raw moments and deep truths that God has shown me through the last few years. Every day is designed to encourage you to go and enjoy God’s presence. Encourage you to experience Him! The daily devotionals include a passage of scripture, a personal challenge or life-lesson taught from that passage, some thought-provoking questions and a journal space to record your own journey, thoughts and experiences in your adventure to deeper intimacy with God.


Sarah Ransom:

Sarah Ransom grew up in the mountains of East Tennessee. Being raised in a Christian home, she has learned that being a Christian is so much more than just the words. Following Christ is a deeply intimate journey. Previous works includes educational articles, newspaper articles, blog posts and a published story on Appalachian life. Working as an Extension Agent, Sarah teaches family and consumer sciences to the community. She enjoys teaching piano lessons, Appalachian history and square dancing!