Kingdom Manifesto (Volume 1)

Kingdom Manifesto (Volume 1)

Studies on the Sermon on the Mount: The Beautiful Attitudes

Nelson Thermitus


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Manifestos are very popular nowadays. Some, one could argue, have become infamous. Kingdom Manifesto, however, is a series of biblical studies on the Sermon on the Mount. This manifesto was originally given by the King of kings. The first volume is on the Beatitudes which the author entitled the Beautiful Attitudes. The author, Dr. Nelson Thermitus, has done an in-depth study of the Beatitudes; he has offered different ways to apply them and live them out in your Christian walk. These beautiful attitudes, once applied with the help of the Holy Spirit, will help you to become a better disciple of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The values of the kingdom are thoroughly explained. The book will aid you in assessing your values with those of the King and require a change in your behavior. This book could serve as a personal devotional or personal Bible study; it is also perfect for small group Bible studies. The author believes that Kingdom Manifesto can truly change the world and make it a better place. Happy reading.


Nelson Thermitus:

After completing his elementary education in Haïti, Dr. Nelson Thermitus earned his High School diploma in Newark, New Jersey. He earned a B. Arch. from NJIT. While pursuing his license, Dr. Thermitus obtained a MACE from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). Dr. Thermitus serves as Dean of the "Institut Biblique Évangélique". He is an ordained Pastor and earned a DEdMin at DTS. Dr. Thermitus is married to his wife Carline and the King of kings has blessed them with three children.