The Dark Corners of the Lindbergh Kidnapping

The Dark Corners of the Lindbergh Kidnapping

Volume Iii

Michael Melsky


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This book will follow the same path as volumes one and two by exploring the dark corners of the Lindbergh kidnapping. The topics that will be discussed in this volume are ones that have never before been properly examined, and new facts will be brought to light, which will, I believe, cause many to rethink their positions on these subjects. Readers should be prepared, though, for the unorthodox approach I take in not providing transitions between chapters, and they may also find that I repeat certain facts or bring up different interpretations of those facts that may not always accord with one another. I do this intentionally, so the reader can draw his or her own conclusions. Over the years, I have been fortunate to have access to number of sources that are little-known and privately held. They have greatly enhanced my knowledge of the case, and I have tried to communicate my essential findings from each in my books. In this regard, my books are unique and should offer new information to even the most seasoned researchers.