What Makes News?

What Makes News?

A Three Act Play

Richard Tubb


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What Makes News? Written by a church layman, Richard Tubb, “What Makes News?” is an attempt to begin dialogue between the Church and influential opinion leaders in the News Media. The Church, as understood by the author, is that one body of believers throughout the world who will come together in unity and become the “Bride of Christ.” The News Media has the opportunity, and perhaps the responsibility, to put its publication of news events in the context of world history, as it is recorded for us in the Bible, not avoiding reference to what is yet-to-be, revealed to us in Scriptural prophecy. Among the 8 billion who populate the Earth today are many billions who have yet to know of the promise of eternal life in God’s Kingdom, which is offered to us through the Passion of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Church, as it is now structured, is not accomplishing this important mission as it could if it’s outreach was more pervasive. Every believer must play a part, and their mission should not be frustrated or opposed by an indifferent news media.