The Bnei Ephraim’s Cultural Hermeneutics

The Bnei Ephraim’s Cultural Hermeneutics

Introduction to the Cultural Translations of the Hebrew Bible Among the Ancient Nations of the Talmulic Telugu Empire of India

Shmuel Yacobi, Yacob Yacobi


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This book was written to help the Diaspora in our modern world understand that the Hebrew Traditions [Oral & Written] of our Sages are indeed true. In the author’s words ‘It will greatly strengthen the purpose of everlasting ‘Covenantal Relationship’ of our One Living God with the entire human world through his Torah Precepts in fulfillment of Prophecies to regather Israel’. Eco-friendly, Readable, inspiring and refreshing knowledge, this book presents the basic issues in depth, among them: • Cultural Translations of Hebrew Bible • Cultural Identification and Exploitation • Covenantal Relationship and Services of One Living God • Nationalistic Society • Yoga and Bnei Ephraim’s Yogevism • Noahide Universal Laws of Humanity • World Peace In this erudite and complex study, author traces the origins of Hindu Mystic text to ancient Hebrew literature. Exhaustively researched and minutely analyzed, presents cogent documentation that supports author’s contention that much of India’s sacred writings are indeed Aryan Translations of Judaica. This groundbreaking, scholarly work delves deeply into an esoteric subject to shed new light on Indian spiritual literature. As challenging as it is provocative probing book will stir debate and controversy to dismantling ecocidal instinct of Aryan delusion, cults, confusion, vanity and nought.