Cats in Bow Ties

Cats in Bow Ties

Photographs & Rescue Stories of Shelter Cats with Style

Lindsi Jones


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Companions, allies, friends—cats warm our hearts, bring comfort, and make us smile. In this book, author and photographer Lindsi Jones pays tribute to fabulous rescue felines, presenting colorful, feel-good photos of kitties dressed to the nines—and stories about each cat’s unique personality. Perfect for cat enthusiasts of every age, the heartwarming portraits celebrate and highlight the exquisite beauty and physical attributes of rescue cats, proving that, like humans, no two cats are alike; each has a life history and story. Readers 8 years and up will also revel in stories of cats currently available for adoption and those recently rescued. They will also read stories from adoptive families—and learn to make a hand-crafted bow tie for their own distinguished feline! This book makes a perfect gift for all animal lovers—particularly those with a fondness for photography and animal rescue. It’s an essential addition to every cat-lover’s library.