AFA8 Can We Trust America?

AFA8 Can We Trust America?

A Superpower in Transition

Jonathan Pearlman


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The eighth issue of Australian Foreign Affairs examines the changing status of the United States as its dominance in the Asia-Pacific faces challenge from China and its “America First” foreign policy marks a shift away from global engagement.

Can We Trust America? looks at the uncertainties for Australia as questions arise about the commitment of its closest ally.

  • Michael Wesley argues that a shift towards US unilateralism may pose a crucial dilemma for Australia.
  • Felicity Ruby delves into the revealing history and future of Australia–US partnerships on intelligence and military surveillance.
  • Brendan Taylor argues that the United States’ role in Asia may not be as vital as we think.
  • Kelly Magsamen offers insight into how the United States sees its role in Asia into the future.
  • John Blaxland on how to form meaningful and intimate ties with our Pacific island neighbours.
  • Helen Clark on Samantha Power’s The Education of an Idealist and the role of foreign policy advisers.
  • Nick Bisley on Rory Medcalf’s Contest for the Indo-Pacific and Australia’s role in this new regional order.
  • Jacinta Carroll on Brian Toohey’s Secret and the making of Australia’s security state.
  • Christopher Kremmer on K.S. Komireddi’s Malevolent Republic and what the rise of India means for Australia.
  • Correspondence on AFA7: China Dependence.