A Visible Heaven

A Visible Heaven

Kirsten Blyton


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Laura Dalton is no stranger to life in the spotlight. She's used to living in the flash of paparazzi cameras, but there's one part of her life that she's always kept private. It's never been a problem - until she meets Eve.

Eve's no movie star, but her mesmerising eyes hold mysteries too. All the same, she refuses to be kept a secret. Her passion and desire to live authentically runs counter to Laura's wish to keep her love life out of the tabloids, and the conflict between them threatens to tear them apart. But Laura loves how down-to-earth she feels with Eve, how right and normal everything is.

Eve, for her part, has been hanging on to normalcy by her fingernails ever since a tragic accident. Trouble seems to follow her, no matter what she does. Is her attraction to Laura a life preserver in the midst of chaos, or is it just her tumbling headfirst into another series of bad decisions?

When a predatory actor takes a keen interest in Laura as more than just a costar, their connection is tested even further. Through heartbreak and upheaval, Laura and Eve drift apart only to come back together, closer than ever. But the more Eve insists on living authentically, the more her own secrets loom large in the shadows behind them.

Can Eve and Laura beat the odds to their own version of happily-ever-after?