Digging Deeper: the Devotional

Digging Deeper: the Devotional

A Thirty-Day Devotional for Digging Deeper: the Bible Study

Rev. Florence Lunde


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Rev. Florence Lunde contracted polio as a child and consquently is a wheelchair user, giving her a unique perspective on life. In Digging Deeper: The Devotional, she mixes her personal experiences and observations with scripture to present a noteworthy spiritually rich daily devotional.

This thirty-day devotional’s sister book (Digging Deeper:The Bible Study) is a self-reflective, interactive thematic Bible study and meant to be read in conjunction with Digging Deeper: The Devotional. It encourages you to reflect on your Christian walk to develop a closer relationship with Jesus and to apply Bible teachings to everyday life. Each chapter is saturated with Rev. Lunde’s nuggets of insight into how to live the Christian life in spite of seemingly insurmountable hardships. Themes address topics such a fear and worry, God’s presence in time of trouble, and the wisdom of trusting in God.

In Digging Deeper: The Devotional, Rev. Lunde presents the good news of how Jesus changes everything and gives you the ability to carry on through overwhelming challenges and tribulations. Together the two books are a valuable source of encouragement and personal growth for the reader.