The Splendor of the Saints

The Splendor of the Saints

Mini-Study of the Lives of the Saints of the Orthodox Church

Maria Athanasiou


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This book of the life of the saints, written and illustrated by Maria Athanasiou, is a labor of love. It will help each of us keep the purpose of our life in mind. As a multitude of beautiful stars in the vast firmament of Heaven, each saint shines with their unique and awe-inspiring splendor. Soldiers, kings, queens, doctors, ascetics, bishops, married men and women, monks and nuns… Not one of them is the same, yet they all undividedly partake of the Uncreated Light. They remind us that no matter where we find ourselves in life, no matter what path we have taken as our vacation or profession, we can transfigure it into a holy way of life, imbued with meaning. - Archimandrite Maximos