The Introvert's Guide to the Workplace

The Introvert's Guide to the Workplace

Concrete Strategies for Bosses and Employees to Thrive and Succeed

Thea Orozco


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Tap Into Your Natural Introvert Strengths in the Office with Actionable Tips and Advice
Introverts make up one half of the population, and we’re hardwired to thrive—especially in the workplace! However, it’s not uncommon for introverts to feel out of place in the office, where it seems the only ones succeeding are outgoing personalities ready to toot their own horn.  
Thea Orozco busts that myth, showing how the workplace is truly a setting for introverts to succeed based on their innate skillset and natural introvert strengths. With topics ranging from overcoming phone phobia to developing an authentic leadership style, The Introvert's Guide to the Workplace guides introverts through thriving at work without having to shout—whether you are a boss, an employee, or a career person. Learn from actionable tips and practical advice, and surmount office challenges and let your introversion take the lead:

  • Combat interview anxiety
  • Make meaningful connections at networking events
  • Be heard and noticed at meetings or on the stage
  • Overcome imposter syndrome
  • Become an effective leader with your introvert strengths
  • And more!
Including diverse expert interviews, The Introvert's Guide to the Workplace is every working introvert’s handbook and guide that they can refer to throughout their career for guidance on tricky or draining situations and motivation to enlist the power of their inner introvert to succeed.


Thea Orozco:
Thea Orozco is a certified life coach and an extreme introvert. For the past seven years, Thea has taught that introverts are whole, not broken, and that they can use their strengths to thrive. She is the founder of, which offers business coaching, and has worked with hundreds of diverse clients,  including an Academy Award winner and a Disney artist, as well as with the podcast of a former presidential candidate. She lives in Pasadena, California.