Libby’s Great Adventures

Libby’s Great Adventures

Pat Harvey, Libby


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Libby is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel who loves to travel with her best human buddy, Pat.

In Libby’s Great Adventures, Pat helps Libby tell the story of Libby’s adventures as they visit many national monuments in Washington, DC; quaint historic towns in Maryland and national parks. Along the way, Libby presents her point of view and shares interesting historical facts about each place. Even better, there are photos of Libby as she visits each site, becoming a friend to everyone she meets with her positive attitude. She offers an important lesson about the excitement of sharing adventures with a friend and provides helpful information for anyone who wants to get to know the landmarks of the nation’s capital.

Inspiring and informative, this book describes the adventures of a Cavalier King Charles spaniel named Libby as she visits famous landmarks around Washington, DC and Maryland.