Lucky Pup Pennie Pup

Lucky Pup Pennie Pup

The Lives of Two Puppies

Phyllis A Brown – Herrguth


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This book is about two Shih Tzu puppies, Lucky Pup and Pennie Pup. The story starts at the beginning of their lives. Lucky Pup was given the appropriate name. I had no idea of all the luck he would go through, the first being the wrong size and many more. Lucky Pup is a male puppy and Pennie Pup is a female puppy. They were born one month apart, Lucky Pup being the older one. Lucky Pup is a little sneaky at times. He has a way of putting on an innocent face even when he isn’t so innocent. He even knows how to play it cool when he needs to. But good old Pennie Pup is always there giving him away. Lucky Pup is always getting into situations that are not good for him, and Pennie is the one who is always watching him and telling him not to do the things that could hurt him or create a problem for him. Throughout his lifetime, Lucky Pup encounters so many events that cause him to need some good luck and the good luck came to him. Pennie Pup is so tiny and looks as sweet as a very young puppy. But it doesn’t take long and Pennie Pup starts to show her little sassy side. Lucky Pup may be bigger but Pennie Pup rules the roost, or so she thinks she does. Lucky Pup and Pennie Pup have had so many good times in their lives. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I do.