Miracles Allotted to Chris

Miracles Allotted to Chris

Christopher Dumais


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Chris has been a welder since he was 15 years old. As he puts it, to be a welder you have to see light through many filtered lenses. It seems that the filters were a bit too thick because it took years before he realized that the Lord Jesus, the greatest light of them all was reaching out to him. Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and a 357 magnum, the perfect cocktail for suicide. Five nights in a row Chris locked himself in his room with the intent to kill himself. But every time he tried The Lord would take the gun from his head and lay him in his bed, because Chris would ask Jesus to not let him die and go to hell. So waking up alive five times Chris was convinced that Jesus heard him. The great miracle for Chris is that he's learning to talk with God and also to listen to Him. Over and over again, The Lord's warnings and admonitions have saved him. For years Chris has shared his testimonies with any and all who would listen to him. Now he has finally written them down so he can reach more people if The Lord is willing. His hope is that you might examine your own life's and look for the miracles in each and every one.