I Am Loved

I Am Loved

A Doorway to Self-Love, New Perspectives, and Empowerment

Michelle Deleplace


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In 2017: Michelle experienced a period in her life where she became mentally and physically depleted. Perfectionism, fear, guilt, and lack of self-love resulted in feeling disconnected from the joy of living. She suffered from fatigue and experienced many symptoms from an overtaxed nervous system. Nothing she tried healed the disconnection she felt, and Michelle realized she needed to look within. She knew she needed to go deep inside herself and learn self-love in order to heal and return to a place of balance. Michelle turned to three different daily practices to connect to her inner life and gain wisdom. About six months on her path of healing, her journaling transformed into writing inspirational material for the first time in her life. The words would come to in her moments of stillness. Her healing journey was revealing an inner voice that she was not aware she had. Her inspirational writings come from her Higher-Self, a place of unconditional love and acceptance. Her greatest desire is to share these writings with anyone who might resonate with them. She hopes her words inspire them along their inward journey to self-love, to their Higher-Self. It is here they can find